Fit 122 Stability Ball, Eating Out and Motivation

New at the free success plan! Get Yours! A 1-leg split squat with a stability ball is more than just a circus act! It's a sculpting exercise that burns calories and works the core! What should you eat when you eat out? Do you know what goal you want most? All in this episode!

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What to eat when you eat out!

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Anatomy of a rep: the 1-Leg stability ball split squat. This video shows a beginner set-up. Keep the heel down at all times! The second video shows an advanced version at about the 2 minute mark. With the advanced version, the ball moves behind you while you get a deeper split squat and a hip flexor stretch on the opposite leg.

stability ball split squat balance and stability, weight training
split squat with back leg on stability ball

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See the advanced version at about the 2-minute mark.
Advanced Single Leg stability ball squat
This is from the video
Ball Sculpt 1: Nothing But the Ball- Stability Fitness Ball Workout

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