Fit 128 Weight Loss Secrets, Habits, Injury

Trainer secrets for weight loss, dealing with injuries and maintaining motivation!

If you have been wondering what's been up with the lack of podcasts this summer, then you need to check out the video on the post "Where is FitGirl?"! The video alone explains much!!

I finally had a few moments of quiet and used it to make this podcast. The audio may sound weird and hopefully my thoughts make sense! If not, sorry, it was a one take podcast! No time for fixin!

Measurements and why they are on of the best kept Trainer Secrets to Weight Loss. You can get Volume one of this ebook series at the ProShop.

How to deal with training and injuries. I'll tell you about my recent injuries and how to rebound quickly!

Creating new habits will keep your motivation high! I have created two items to help you create new habits, but you can easily do this on your own for free! Listen to the podcast to find out how! Be sure to download your free sample of the Daily Focus Motivation Plan at ClubFit. The 21-day challenge tackles all three areas of fitness with daily challenges in Nutrition, Training and Mindset. Just another way to give you the boost you need to stay on track!

Listen to the show for all the details:
Fit 128 Weight Loss Secrets, Habits, Injury
Fit 128 Weight Loss Secrets, Habits, Injury Fit 128 Weight Loss Secrets, Habits, Injury August 03, 2011 Rating: 5

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