Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire?

A little update...

I had less than 2 weeks to empty the old house out, do a garage sale and figure out where to put all this stuff! No easy task, especially when moving into an overly furnished home...yup! we moved into my childhood house!

It's a good thing, my daughter loves its, my father likes it (I think, I hope), he is now living with crazy family members full time since my mom passed away in 2007. I know my dog loves it, she gets more scraps from my dad and both he and my daughter tend to drop food items!

Now, one huge life project is almost over! The sorting of boxes and stuff I can do slowly, now that all is out of the old house. But don't ya know that all the stress, weird items and heavy items, plus doing most of it alone took a toll! On the last day of moving my back spasmed like never before!

I could barely walk, stepping off a curb made me scream in pain :( and I had a class to teach and clients to train. Luckily, they were sympathetic and we made it thru the workouts. Ice, heat, massage, stretch, hot bath....well it helped a little. Apparently, time will be the biggest healer (short of a prescription).

Despite all the pain of the spasms running all up and down my spine and leg, life goes on and things must be done! As always, time it tight! The next few weeks I will be running straight from clients to working at my friends nutrition and supplement store (The Muscle store). I still have lots to sort out with the boxes etc... And I have missed about 2 weeks of workouts (one, if you count moving as a workout).

I had hoped to stay on a weekly podcast schedule, but so far this year is blazing by with no breaks! Please be patient, as I will resume podcasts, webinars and all the fun fitness things I want to do for all of you this year. I am plugging away at getting my back healthy enough to resume workouts and get some type of "schedule" going...LOL there is no normal!!!

BTW, my back issues are related to an IT band and psoas problem. Guess that'll be on the next podcast...how muscles interact and the fact that the origin of a pain may not be the muscle that hurts!

In the meantime, chat with me on facebook.com/fitgirlusa.