Fit 144: Practice Motivation, Most effective Ab exercises and Grocery planning!

Fit 144: Practice Motivation with a buddy, Most effective Ab exercises, Grocery Planning for Success.

A guaranteed success for weight loss or body sculpting is having a plan! It is especially important to have a plan for Grocery Shopping. Sure, it sounds easy, but how often do you do it?

You must plan you main meals AND your other meals and snacks if you want to reach a fitness goal. Not only will this relieve the stress of shopping at the grocery store, it will certainly put you on a nutrition success path! You need to decide what your meals are going to be and what ingredients you will need to prepare them. Be sure to include portion sizes when planning your meals.

Always eat before you go shopping! If you are hungry when you go to the grocery store, you will be more prone to making impulse purchases that aren’t good for you!

Nutritionally, you will always be better off if you prepare your meals yourself. You will also find that the volume of food you can eat is much greater too! If you think you don’t have the time to cook, think again. The internet is full of wonderful meals that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Double the recipe, use containers and you'll have meals prepared for the next day!

A review of the "bad" or ineffective abdominal exercises. The revelation of the most effective abdominal exercises , for strengthening the rectus abdominus, according to the San Diego State University/ACE Abdominal Study Results.

Practice what you have learned about motivation from this podcast and others! Take at least one principle you have learned and use it! Then teach someone else that principle to reenforce it as a new habit of yours. It could be actions such as....make a commitment, set a short term goal, control, overcome obstacles, eliminating self-sabotaging statements.

Knowledge alone is NOT enough! You must practice what you have learned. Perfect practice makes perfect! Don't just go thru the motions! Give it your all!

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Fit 144: Practice Motivation, Most effective Ab exercises and Grocery planning!