Fit 149: Mindset Makeover, Branch Chain Amino Acids Part 2 and Bad ab/Oblique Exercises Part 2

Makeover your mindset!  The definition of Mindset  is “the way you think or perceive something. Your conditioning and response for various things.”  How did we get our current mindset? Repetition, habits, being told by someone else such as peers, media, enemies, even family can shape our mindset for good or bad!

With the right mindset:
  1. You'll have continuous motivation to do what is necessary to reach your fitness or weight loss goals. 
  2. You'll eliminate excuses that used to plague your every desire 
  3. You'll create self supportive habits and inner conversations (self talk)
  4. You'll eliminate self-sabotaging habits and self talk.
Here are a few things you can do right now to begin the your mindset makeover!  Notice your thoughts and habits. Are they helping you or hurting you? Whenever you have negative thoughts or non-supportive thoughts, change them immediately to be positive and supportive. Begin listening to how others speak about themselves, are your habits coming from them?

Always remember that if you wouldn't say something to a child, then don't say it to yourself! We tend to be too hard on ourselves (I may be president of that club LOL) and need to recognize the positive steps we are taking, rather than focus on the missteps or failures.  Keep a log and begin your Mindset Makeover by changing non-supportive thoughts to ones that encourage you to reach your goals!

Watch this video on Mindset and Motivation:

Nutrition Many exercisers overlook the importance of co-factors when using supplements. Let's review what supplements play a part in increasing the effectiveness of BCAAs.
  1. Chromium: Among other benefits, Chromium enhances the rate at which protein is synthesized by the body, and promotes intracellular uptake of free amino acids from the blood and assimilation by the cells. It retards the rate of protein degradation by the body within the cells. This is an absolute must to include in a quality Branch Chain Amino formula.
  2. Zinc Picolinate with Vitamin B-6: Zinc is the regulator of insulin. The natural co-factor to this element is Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 is an important intermediary in amino acid metabolism; those athletes whose diets are high in amino acids need additional amounts of Vitamin B-6 from the body. An adequate supply of Vitamin B-6 will ensure the transport of amino acids to the cells.
  3. Vitamin B-12: Another important water soluble nutrient that must be present in the protein metabolism and in the synthesis of amino acids. 
  4. Biotin: This has an important role in protein synthesis and the manufacturing of glycogen. Biotin is involved in the metabolism of the branched-chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and thus a crucial co-factor.
Often you will be taking these co-factors in the form of a multi-vitamin or other supplements you may be taking. Be sure to review you personal supplements, along with the BCAAs supplements for these co-factors!

How and when should you take BCAAs ? Usually 4-10 grams of BCAAs (combined, not of each BCAA) before and after a workout is the best dose for most people. Of course, those with body weight between 100-150lbs would take a smaller dose (4-5 grams) while those 150 and above would tend toward the higher side (8-10 grams).  The best way to take these supplements is to monitor how you feel on them and take a month to use them before a workout only, then a month to do after, then both and analyze which method gave you the best results!  Some people like to mix BCAAs in their water bottle and drink while they workout.  Obviously, there are many ways to use this supplement! Everyone's body is a bit different, so trial and evaluation is the only way to find the best fit for you!
Ab exercises gone wrong, part 2: Seated Spinal Twist Machine!
These machines are thought to whittle the waist by twisting. This machine allows the you to flex the lumbar spine while twisting at the waist, NOT a good idea especially with added weight resistance! This results in a great deal of pressure placed upon the spinal ligaments, without any true benefit to the abdominals or obliques.  Your best bet to work the obliques and  abdominals are to maximize crunching or curling movements with proper technique, breathing and focus! These exercises will be more effectiveness and safe. See also Get Fit TV for effective abdominal exercises!

Listen to the show for all the details:
Fit 149: Mindset Makeover, Branch Chain Amino Acids Part 2 and Bad Abdominal and Oblique Exercises Part 2 
Fit 149: Mindset Makeover, Branch Chain Amino Acids Part 2 and Bad ab/Oblique Exercises Part 2 Fit 149: Mindset Makeover, Branch Chain Amino Acids Part 2 and Bad ab/Oblique Exercises Part 2 June 24, 2012 Rating: 5

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