Fit 150: Triggers, Apps & Abs

What are your motivation challenges and trigger points?
History does repeat, but if we understand the motivation then we can intercept the actions and change the future! For any worthwhile goal, you should have a plan, be prepared, be willing to do a little extra to meet those goals! By tracking your progress, you'll be able to overcome obstacles and self-sabotaging habits to stay on course and be successful!

Ask yourself these questions and get the answers to stay motivated!
  • How badly do you want the end result? Rank it on a Scale of 1 to 10. 
  • What do you think will happen in your life when you reach this result? 
  • Do you have realistic goals and views of the results?

What are triggers?

Triggers are what cause obstacles or vice versa. Most of the time, triggers bring out strong emotions, both positive and negative. Triggers drive us to return to our comfort zone, usually our addictions, which mask the real issues at hand.  See the Fitness Makeover Control Workshop DVD for more info on this!

Here are some common triggers that may become an obstacle to your fitness success:
  1. Emotions:What are you feeling and why? 
  2. Food cravings: Why you are having cravings:
    • Did you miss a meal(s)? 
    • Is there a satisfactory substitute? or can you have a limited quantity and be satisfied?
    • My favorite question: Is this REALLY what you are craving and if you have it will the craving stop? 
  1. other peoples foods:
    • Review your goal and realize that you won't eat like this forever and that once your metabolism is elevated (fm program & the right exercise) you can eat whatever you want! 
    • My personal favorite: that food will still be there when you are ready for it! The world won't run out of that food!
There are many more that we can review, you'll hear them in a later podcast! Post on page your triggers and how you overcome them, or if you need my help!

Is there an app for that? I share my favorite workout and diet apps! What apps do you use and like and why? Post your thoughts on the page!
Dumb Ab exercises part 3! Ever see the infomercial for the Ab Rocker? Not surprising to learn that it in a study of ab exercises this one was ranked last and it was proven to be 80% less effective than the
traditional abdominal crunch.

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