Fit 160: New Year Solutions!

January 2013 Happy New Year!


Each new year we talk about goals, and one of mine is to find out what you want to learn about the most!
How can I help you reach your goal this year?  Tell me by following or sending me a tweet on twitter (fitgirl) or facebook (fitgirlusa).  Are you interested in:
  • The mystery of mindset
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  • how to get the best workouts in less time 
  • what exercises you should do? 
  • Nutrition help 
  • sports performance 
  • other? 

Recently, I read the article “15 best workout tips of all time” by Fitness Magazine and was very disappointed.  There were a few suggestions that I felt could be potentially harmful and a few that are not quite accurate. On the positive side, there were several good suggestions too, so I will cover some of the bad then some of the good!


  1. "Tone Up on the Treadmill" They suggest treadmill walking with dumbbells. This is potentially harmful to the rotator cuff system and shoulders.  It also won't be as effective for toning the arms and boosting the metabolism since 3-5pound weights aren't challenging enough. 
  2. "Don't Skimp on Carbs" Although it is true that you need your carbs, and a few prior to workouts, but the suggestions they give aren't the best quality foods to use and are actually quality carbs either! Protein and/or fibrous fruits are good choices.  but the "trail mix or half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich" that is suggested are only good for those wanting to gain body weight (ie the young guys who want more muscle).
  3. "Super-Sculpt Your Butt" Glute exercises are great for burning calories but you still cannot spot reduce!! Their suggestions are great for cardio but not for toning and shaping. For that, Lunges and Squats are best. Combine those with proper eating and consistent workouts and you have a Super Sculpted Butt!

  1. "Maximize Your Crunches" I tell my clients this too! Remember to keep the abs tight on the negative (lowering portion) of the exercise!
  2. "Give Yourself a Break" You've heard this before! The Fitness Magazine article suggests the "80/20 plan: Eighty percent of the year, you'll exercise regularly and eat well. Know that you'll slip 20 percent of the time due to holidays and work deadlines."  Don't be all or nothing!
  3. "Chart Your Progress" Their suggestion of a "fitness report card" is a great way to maintain motivation. Pick your "subjects" such as Cardio, Weights, Stretch etc.,  and make goals for each. Then grade yourself A through F at least four times a year (or each month).

Get your veggies!  Here's how to eliminate excuses to get your fibrous carbs in!

Part 1: Snacks
  • Keep healthy snacks close by
  • Celery or carrot sticks, lite dressing to dip 
  • Nuts
  • Remember to make your own serving sizes
Part 2: Cooking
  • Substitute frozen vegetables for canned
  • Make your own serving sizes with ziploc baggies
  • Get steamer or a microwaveable bowl and lid!
  • Have veggies with at least 1-3 meals each day

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