Fit 184: Pressdowns, Actions, Myths

In this episode: Triceps Pressdown video and tips. Know the impact of your actions! Nutrition myths you need to stop believing, Part 1.

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The Triceps Pressdown video below shows you the right way to do this arm sculpting exercise! Always keep your elbows back and stationary! A little stretch at top is ok, but don't go so far the elbows move. Squeeze your triceps at bottom, error on the slow side! Check out the wrong way to do Triceps Pressdowns in episode Fit 153. Use various handles to change up this exercise. It is by far one of the best triceps shaping exercises you can do!

Know the impact of your actions! Before you skip a workout or grab from the candy jar, know the impact of your actions! Will you feel worse after it, will it blow your entire plan, will you feel better or will it satisfy a craving?  All things to consider! This is also a good lesson to teach kids.  There are consequences for all of our actions, either good or bad! This subject is featured in Chapter 9: Priorities, in my newly released book: "MINDSET MAKEOVER: Stay Motivated, Get the Body You Want and Live the Life of Your Dreams!"   Get the book at!

Here's more from that section:

Know the impact of your actions! 
Just like your expectations, you should always recognize the ultimate impact of your actions, or lack of action! Each day you make a conscience choice to do or do not. You either got a workout done or you didn't. When you feel like skipping a workout, or missing a meal, consider the impact of these actions! How will you feel? How will your family or friends who support your goal feel? How will this affect your goal attainment? How will this affect your goal deadlines?

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There are rewards and consequences for every action. Knowing the impact of your actions helps you make the right choice! It's vital to remember, instant gratification sabotages goals! Don't sacrifice what you want most, for what you want now!

Erase the "all or nothing" mind set! Just because you don't have time to get a full workout done, doesn't mean you should skip it! Instead, do a shorter one. Even 10-15 minutes gets you closer to your goal!

Focus on what you CAN do, and use your time wisely. You are NOT a failure if you are unable to finish everything as planned! Be realistic and take whatever steps you can that get you closer to your goal. Remember, every little step forward brings you closer to what you want most! Do what you can, then praise yourself for what you accomplished!

Key Questions: Why is this goal important to me? What is my reason for doing this? What am I doing TODAY to get to my goal? What are the impacts of my actions? (If I don't do this.) Will this action bring me closer or farther away from my goal?

Nutrition myths you need to stop believing! From Charles Poliquin.
Myth #1: Eating foods that contain cholesterol, such as eggs, increases your blood cholesterol levels. Not true. Cholesterol is auto-regulated, so if you eat more cholesterol one day, then your body produces less, and vice versa.
Myth #2: High cholesterol (LDL) puts you at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Actually, elevated levels of fasting blood sugar and triglycerides are greater predictors of cardiovascular disease.
Myth #3: You need to restrict your salt intake. The evidence to support this advice is very weak. You need to replenish salt especially if you sweat a lot and if you follow a Paleo diet.

What myths do you hear people still talk about? Next episode a few more myths debunked!

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Fit 184: Pressdowns, Actions, Myths

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