Fit 222: Self-Support, Big Lifts, Nutrients

Goals and self support techniques, big lifts and weight loss, nutrient calculations.
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Have you been working on your inner support system?
Have you made your I am statements and written them down?
Have you made and do you say your mantra daily?
Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

 If you are clueless, then you need to refresh your memory with these podcast episodes:

In the Mindset Makeover Book, Chapter 5 discusses how to Harness Your Inner Power.  You do this by being your best supporter! Knocking down negative thoughts and replacing them with positive, present tense statements (the "I am statements").  There are too many other techniques shared in the Mindset Makeover Book to go into all the details here, but suffice to say that every day you have a choice!

Choose to support yourself!
Make the choice to be your own best friend. When you get down or frustrated, tell yourself, "What would I say to my best friend if this was his/her problem, situation or thoughts?" Using this drill puts matters into perspective and empowers you to find solutions to stay on track.

 With every event that happens in your life, comes the opportunity to determine its meaning and to learn a new lesson that will empower you for the future. Use life’s challenges in ways that will strengthen you, not make you weak. The choice is yours.

You possess the strength to pick yourself up when you are low, brush yourself off and rekindle your drive, focus and motivation! Be your biggest supporter and personal cheerleader! You have the power inside of you to be your biggest advocate! You only have to learn how to use it!

Now available in paperback: "Mindset Makeover," available at The Book  If you need personal help with motivation, or your workout plan, contact me for private coaching at

Learn How To Train the “Big” Lifts! One of the biggest obstacles for most women who want to get into the weight room is not knowing how to do the “big” lifts like squats, deadlifts, and rows with free weights.  Weight training is a skill that you have to learn. It’s worth the effort to learn the big lifts because they are so much more effective for producing visible body composition changes. Invest in a trainer to teach you proper form! It's knowledge you will use the rest of your life!  Effective training means you can spend less time training.

How can you learn to train properly?

First, your best option is to learn from an experienced trainer. For this reason, we’ve developed technique videos to show you basic form of some of the big lifts at the Exercise Library.

Tip: After watching, film yourself practicing the lifts so that you can see how closely you are mimicking proper technique.

Second, here are basic points to remember when lifting:
  1. Always train with a tight, flat upper back, but allow the natural arch to appear in the lower back. 
  2. Never round the back and don’t let your stomach hang out. Engage your abs to stabilize your trunk. 
  3. Keep your chest up, shoulders back and your head in line with your body, not looking up or down. 
  4. Focus on natural movement patterns.


Nutrients and calories. How to determine if you have the right nutrient formula. Details on the importance of each nutrient to weight loss.

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 Fit222: SelfSupport, BigLifts, Nutrients

Now available in paperback: "Mindset Makeover," available at The Book