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Pre-New Year Update

Yes, it's New Years Eve, and I have been slacking :( on business stuff, but spending family time and organizing the house etc. instead. Boring, I know!

But face it, you aren't ready for your New Year Diet and Exercise plan right now! Yes, I have some kick ass workouts for QuickFit Club, but I have not set up all the info emails to let the world know what QuickFit Club is all about! As usual, I have more ideas than I have time! I'll be letting you know about those soon! Meanwhile......what are your plans for the new year?

We all have plans for a year, we may lose site of them quickly or accomplish them eventually.  Either way, it's always good to have goals!

I'd love to have more interaction with all of you this year!

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I love hearing your stories for fitness, how I may have helped you, what your questions are on all things fitness and what your goals are for this year!

I have several ways to help you with those goals this year and will get into more detail when I get the latest episode up here! 

I'm the first to admit that my regular schedule of podcasts has been gone since I moved 2 years ago. Without my recording stuff set up, it is a challenge to find a quiet place and time to crank out the podcasts as I have done in the past. It kills me to miss a week or more of the regular schedule! I have my own goals for this year, which I will share with you, right now! 

Feel free to share your goals for the new year with me via:

  • Facebook (
  • Twitter (
  • Fitgirlguide Blog (
  • Email:

  • And let me know what I can do to help you and support you with those goals!

    My goals are:
    • Regular podcast posting (preferably Mondays)
    • More youtube videos
    • Continue Quickfit Club and Clubfit Websites/Programs
    • Launch which focuses on Anti-Bullying, Self-Improvement and Empowerment.
    • Create a blog of my workout and nutrition prep for competition this year.
    It's your turn! 
    Comment or email me! Post it on Facebook or twitter! No matter what you do, when you put your goals on paper and/or tell friends, you are more likely to stay committed and reach your goals!

    Wishing you success in everything you do in 2015!!

    PS there is no audio for this post

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