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FIT 243 Stretch vs Flexibility, Nutrition, How to Make a Change in Your Life!

Are you stretching all wrong? Is that food friend or foe? Three easy steps to start a change in your life!

  • There are two types of stretching: static (no motion) or dynamic (with motion). 
  • Flexibility is the range of motion around a joint, whereas stretching reflects the actual deformation of tissue. Stretching is just one form of flexibility training –weight training is another!
  • Research shows that the most effective way to add range of motion is by using proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, particularly the contract-relax, antagonist-contract (CRAC) method.
  • This method basically involves intermittent contractions of 6 to 8 seconds while stretching. Do as many sets as it takes to reach your maximum for the day (normally around 2 to 5 sets). PNF summary: 6-8 second contractions at about 25% effort and 2 to 5 sets (length it takes to reach your max) 
  • A good example is the Frankenstein stretches we use in some of the QFC warmups, and the butt kicks and the knee highs.

1) Dynamic: Before training
2) PNF: Before and during
3) Static: During or after, not before (unless specific reason, e.g. relaxation, antagonist, or non-worked muscles.

Three questions to ask before you eat that food!

1. Can I digest this food easily?
 Pay attention to how you feel after you eat and adjust accordingly. Sometimes an immune response to a food takes a while to fully develop and it’s not until the next day that you feel fatigued or ill.

2. Is this food a high-quality protein?
Protein is important! It raises your metabolism, causes the release of gut hormones that keep you satisfied, helps manage blood sugar and insulin, decreasing cravings for sugar.

All protein sources are not created equally. High-quality protein is defined as a protein source that provides at least 10 grams of essential amino acids (EAAs).  Make it your goal to Get 10 grams of EAAs per meal by planning your diet around a high-quality protein source from eggs, fish, meat, or dairy.

BONUS: Want to get rid of belly fat?
Research shows that people who eat the 10-gram-threshold dose of EAAs per meal have less visceral belly fat and a lower body fat percentage than those who eat poorer quality protein.

3. Is this food high in nutrients?
Eating processed, low nutrition foods can cause more problems than you think! Too many low nutrition foods can damage your metabolism, cause fat gain, increase depression and excess fatigue. These foods usually have too much sugar, which messes with your blood sugar levels and makes you feel tired, sluggish and wanting more sugar! A viscous cycle!

Select high nutrient foods as your mainstays. Your best bet is to eat real, whole foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, whole-fat dairy, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and beans. Limit or avoid processed foods for a better body and better health.

Stuck in a rut? Its time for you to change!

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same actions and expecting different results?  Maybe when it comes to losing weight?

The definition of insanity is "doing the same things over and over and expecting different results."


If you're still struggling with your weight, with losing body fat, then it's time to CHANGE!!

I'm going to share with you a guide to help you get out of a rut and get on track! Here's three small steps that can give you a big jump start!
You'll find more in this in my book, Motivation Mindset and in our workshops we call these "Strategy Sheets."
Question #1: Ask yourself, “What is holding me back?” 
Write it down! And be real! Many things that may appear to be holding you back are just excuses. but you won't be able to see this until you write it down  and look at it more objectively!

Question#2: Ask yourself if you've had any of these thoughts lately, and answer them with a yes or no:
  • I want to improve my self-confidence. 
  • I want to gain control of my habits and thoughts, especially toward weight loss. 
  • I want to end the diet cycle.
  • I want to be more successful in weight loss, exercise and all areas of life! 
Question#3: Ask yourself, then answer with Yes or No:
  • Do you find yourself overloaded with responsibilities to others? 
  • Do you feel like you sacrifice your own health and sanity? 
  • Are you expected to maintain a household, raise and teach children, earn money and see to the daily mundane tasks before you take care of yourself? 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, with no end in sight?
  • Are you ready to change? 
If you answered "Yes" to alot of the items in questions #2 and 3, then you are ready for a change! More on that in a future podcast!

Other updates and news: 

1. New Video Series: QuickFit Tips on Youtube Channel 
If you didn't know already, I've been posting QuickFit tips videos on the Getfittv channel on YouTube. These videos aren't long, but are packed with useful info, tips and suggestions! I plan on posting these weekly, so hit the subscribe button when you're watching!

 2. 100% NEW QuickFit Club finally complete! 
This seemed to take the longest! The workouts were the easy part, but the website.....OMG! But after three total redos, the site has everything I wanted! You'll hear more about it on the podcast but here are some of the things I'm excited about:

1. Social login (so much easier, right?!)
2. Quickfit Workout Plans
3. Some free workout videos!
4. Nutrition information
5. More things that we'll be adding but for now, everything works perfectly!

 3. Personal Stuff: More work on my house and an interruption by Hurricane!

1. Of course, I'm also renovating a house by myself, you can see some of the progress at there is still much to update that I've done and much more for me to do!

2. Hurricane Matthew took two weeks of my life! The week before, was prep-getting out the shutters, figuring all that stuff out and trying not to kill myself in the process! Then putting things back to normal. Alot of missed workouts in October!!

3. Unfortunately, the events of October threw off my plan for competition. Sure, I did some heavy lifting (of a golf cart and other things) but not my usual workouts. So, I'll be revising that goal, but I will still do a competition soon! And probably a video log during prep too.

I'm doing my best to stay on schedule with podcasts once a week, Setting up Quickfit live chats once a week and QFTips once a week! That's a big endeavor for me to tackle, so please be kind and patient!

All for now!

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FIT 243 Stretch vs Flexibility, Nutrition, How to Make a Change in Your Life!

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FIT 243 Stretch vs Flexibility, Nutrition, How to Make a Change in Your Life! FIT 243 Stretch vs Flexibility, Nutrition, How to Make a Change in Your Life! November 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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