Fit 047: Gym & Recreation Room Machines Video Clips

At a gym, home or apartment complex, many people have access to a universal type machine. Finding someone to provide instruction can be expensive or impossible. Watching other people do the exercises is not a good idea, they may not know how to did it right either (even if they look in shape)!

These clips are from the bonus dvd "Exercise Instruction: Recreation Room Machines" from the Fitness Makeover System . Each exercise is instructed on proper form, adjustments and tips for best benefits. It's like having a personal trainer on your computer or iPod!

Shown here:
1.Leg press
2.Front pulldown
3.Shoulder press
Also shown on the Fitness Makeover Bonus "Exercise Instruction" are: Seated cable row, leg extension, chest pec deck, triceps cable pressdown, biceps cable curl.

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Link to Fit 047 Machine Exercises


  1. Thank you for posting that video. I was not sure if I was using the leg press correctly, and I'm happy to know that I was.


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