Fit 057 New Year

This is not your typical New Year podcast!
Another year come and gone. Did you stick to any of your resolutions or accomplish any of your goals? If not, what was the obstacle? Was it…
  • lack of knowledge on the subject?
  • lack of following through on your goal after a few months?
  • lack of motivation?
  • lack of support or accountability?
  • Did you just give up?
How about these two biggies:
  • Lack of time?
If so how much time could you give your fitness goals? 5 minutes a day? 10, 20 minutes or more? You’d be surprised what 5 minutes can do for your mind and body!
  • Lots of excuses?
Did you make excuses, and if so, what were they? (Hint: those can be part of your new year resolutions now!)
One of my favorite sayings is, " If something is important to you, you find the time; if not, you find excuses."

Here's how can you take your mistakes (and triumphs) from the last year and use them to your advantage for the new year:
  • Maybe you did cut out dessert on weeknights, good, a great trend to continue and to show you that you can accomplish what you want!
  • Did you get to the gym or workout at least one time every week? Great! That’s at least 52 workouts in the past year! This year go for 53!
Recognize your successes!
It wasn’t all easy, and it wasn’t all a failure just because you didn’t lose 80 pounds in one year, or even one pound! Sometimes it’s not about the pounds or weight (body weight or weight lifted in the gym) but about the new healthy habits that were created and kept. Look back on the year and see what behaviors you may have altered to make you a healthier person today!

Fitness is not only about the body, but the mind too. Did you eliminate negative statements? At the very least did you get rid of the “F” word (fat) as in the statement “ I feel so “F”at? (C’mon, I didn’t think you’d eliminate the other F word). Or maybe you taught your self to recognize when you make negative self-talk statements. Every little bit is a step in the right direction.

Progress instead of perfection
Too often, we focus on success by using the wrong parameters. Don’t judge your success by perfection, instead monitor it by your progress. Here's an example: When your child comes home and can write his/her name, you give praise and are excited about the success! So what if the “e” is backwards or the letters don’t line up! You know that with practice and learning your child will improve and fix those mistakes. So can you with your goals. Recognize what you did right, don’t focus on the failures, find one thing that you know you can do better and improve on that!

Change your resolutions!
Let's change the typical resolutions to ones that are actually realistic and easy to do!
Old style: I want to lose weight this year. (or get in shape or get lean or be fit)
New resolution:
I do cardio 2x a week.
I only get on the scale on Sunday morning
I eat 1 cup of broccoli 3 times a week
I vow to use proper form on every exercise (no hanging on cardio machines!)
I do 15 crunches on the ball Mon, Wed, Fri (ie 1 set 3x a week)
I stretch on Tues and Thurs for 30 min or take a yoga class
I record my workouts on a calendar to see my consistency

Old style: I will be more organized.
New resolution: I plan to organize my office before march 17th
I organize one area of my office each day until it is completed by march 17th

Have a happy and safe New Year celebration!
Then get to work on your next fitness plan!

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