Fit 061 Anatomy of a Repetition

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In this episode:

A review of the Weight Trackers Menu Plan that is available for free at the Fitness Makeover website home page. I explain how to use this plan for weight loss and how the results usually average 4-6 inches in the first month! To see results from this plan and more info click here: Weight Tracker.

The anatomy of a repetition explains the importance of setting up your body position prior to any exercise. Establishing the foundation of your core is crucial to doing exercises correctly and avoiding injury. It also guarantees more isolation, greater use of the abs and core muscles, less chance of injury and better results!

Examples used are the bench press (or any flat, incline or decline exercise) and bicep curl (any standing exercise). You can see more proper form for exercises on Podcast Fit 047 Machine Exercises.

Focus keeps you on track in the gym and out of the gym! Without focus, you won't have much motivation! Here's few other articles I have done on how to use focus to get faster results: Focus for Results.

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