Fit 104: Kettlebell, Bodyfat, Mindset

Motivation/Mindset: A lesson from our past! Remember the "Little Train that Could"? Apply this to your mindset for motivation! Take a current obstacle and rephrase it to train the brain! "I know I can..." fill in the blank. Be like the little train and keep repeating it to reach your goal!

Training: Video of Alternating Kettlebell Swing. An exercise for power and a full body workout! Try it without any weight too! If you ever wondered what to do with a Kettlebell, here's a fun exercise to do! This is a good exercise for sports like basketball, volleyball, football.
kettlebell swing plyometrics and power
alternating kettlebell swing

(Click on image to view this exercise...)

Nutrition: Knowing your bodyfat level can help in creating the right diet for you. It isn't easy to find a method you can do yourself, or that is accurate. This link ( gives you options to calculate bodyfat with a few measurements. It may not be perfect, but it will give you a good starting guide. Since it is based on your weight and measurements, you judge results by the relative change. More on this and how to use the body fat to set your calorie guide coming up!
Bodyfat estimate link:

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Listen to the show for all the details: Fit 104: Kettlebell, Bodyfat, Mindset

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