Fit 117: Reverse Curls, Calculators and a New Year!

Do things differently this year! If you don't like the way you look, then you need to workout smarter, not harder! This year's podcasts will focus on helping you workout smarter to get the results you want!

In this episode:
  • Podcast format update!
  • Minor changes to bring you more frequent podcasts and refreshers!
  • A super shaping bicep exercise, the reverse barbell curl! Video instruction and tips!
  • A new year means new goals and knowing what your numbers are for caloric intake! Nutrition is most important part of changing your body. Keep a log to know your numbers and next week, I'll review examples of how to know your nutrients!
  • Find calculators for your nutrients at Clubfit.
  • A great resource for nutritious meals is the Anabolic Cookbook.
  • Reverse barbell Biceps Curl Video

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Listen to the show for all the details:Fit 117: Reverse Curls, Calculators and a New Year!

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