Fit 112: ACL injury, Carbs, Expectations

ACL (anterior crucial ligament) tear and rehab. Does cardio make you more vulnerable? What to do to quicken your recovery time after surgery. How to prevent a knee injury with proper exercise. Parents be aware that your kids may be at risk for this injury, so check their exercises and athletic form. Find out why squats are the focus of prevention and rehab! Learn the importance of communicating with your doctors and therapists for better, faster rehab.

Do carbohydrates cause weight gain? This myth explained!


Watch this excerpt at ClubFit! From the Fitness Makeover Weight Loss Workshop, this video clip reminds us that permanent weight loss takes goal setting and stepping stones to get to those goals! Developing a reward system can help motivate you to stay on your course to reach your goal. Knowing your expectations for your goal and for your stepping stones, make both easier to do!

Make getting in shape easy by using your most powerful body part, your mind!

Following these simple steps will create positive habits that will get you to your goal faster!
  1. Goals should be set daily. What can you do TODAY to get you closer to your goal?

  2. Know your expectations! How do you expect to feel if you accomplish this task TODAY? How will you feel when you attain your goal, thanks to these stepping stones?

  3. Have rewards! Reward yourself (not with food) for your accomplishments! Be proud of the little steps you take because those are the ones that are keeping you on track!
If you need additional help with goal setting, nutrition and motivation, there are still a few Fitness Makeover Weight Loss Workshop kits available! Never underestimate the power of your mind when it comes to achieving what is truly important to you!

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