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Fit 221: Goals, Nutrition, Training for a New Year and a Better Body!

I'm back!!!!

Let's face it, no one buckles down to a new routine until February! Well, at least in the gym business it's the first week February that sees the most new members!  Sure, that's my excuse......

In an effort to make the podcast more consistent, I am using a different method to record. Let me know via twitter, facebook, email, comment, if you think the new audio is:
  • Good
  • No Good
  • Didn't notice a difference

Motivation: Goal Setting

Each year brings renewed enthusiasm for goals and many of those are health or weight related. Here's how to do it right this year! You know all about setting goals and probably do it every year, but how many goals do you actually accomplish? Or even get close to accomplishing?

I strongly suggest you get a notebook to keep your goals, progress, thoughts in as we will review, revise and fine tune each area throughout the year. To help you get the most from your efforts, I'll be referencing previous podcast episodes that you can review for additional information on the topics. Some of the older podcasts may not be on iTunes (they only show a specific amount) but they are always available on the website.

My goals for this year:
  1. QuickFit Club
    Get feedback from you and decide whether to continue QuickFit Club Monthly videos.
  2. Modules Course / Insider Club
  3. I already have an outline for an course on training, motivation and nutrition, and need to find out if you all are interested in one or all of the subjects, and/or if you would like one full course or a mix from each training, motivation and nutrition.
Initially, I created modules for you to interact with via video tutorial, action sheets and follow-up. Topics include (see modules.odt for outline) Here are the options:
  1. Make 3 separate courses of 4 weeks @ 1-2 classes a week. OR
  2. 3x a week classes MWF (or your schedule) (about 10 minute video/5-10 min on action sheets) OR
  3. 1 class on 1 subject each week. Ie wk1 motivation, wk2 training, wk3 nutrition then continue the next 3 weeks with new topics.
Once again, let me know what you think!     

Part 1 Goal Setting 

Let's being with these steps to success:

First of all, start with one goal, ONE! Realistically, too many goals will blur your focus, so beginning with just one this week (then one next week or next month) will help you stay focused, you won't be overwhelmed and subject to self-sabotage, because you can remind yourself that it is just ONE goal! (if you need help, schedule a phone consult with me, see
Sure, you can list others, however, you can only choose and prioritize one to start with this week!  Review the goal setting parameters in Episode Fit 109: Goals, Daily Menu, Pressdowns Set your goal and know why you want to achieve this and why you are doing each step toward your goal.

Let's take this step by step: Write each of these out for your goals!

  1. Define the goal-specific, realistic, timely
  2. Plan/Outline the steps to reach that goal
  3. Know your end point! (How will know you are successful?)
    1. what is your finish line / end goal
    2. how-conditions for fulfillment-what standards do have to have to feel fulfillment
  4. Know why (passion/emotion) you strongly desire to reach this goal (very important)
After a review of the first draft of my book "Mindset Makeover," has goal setting and planning sections along with the worksheets we use in the Fitness Makeover Workshops, along with more Coaching sections. You can also find some helpful goal setting sheets at Clubfit, the link is below:

Downloadable goal sheets at ClubFit
additional reference: Fit 0012: Weight Loss Workshop Summary: Get the body you want and keep it!    

Part 2: Mantra, mindset, thoughts and self-talk

Now that you have your first goal written in your “magic notebook” it's time to create your support system!
  1. Create your Mantra or I am statements (see mindset makeover book)
  1. Repeat your mantras often...this becomes your attitude, or mindset.  
Mantras are more powerful than you can imagine! It's this statement that makes the difference between success and failure or non-acheivement. One I often use with my clients is “I am strong and Powerful. ” Some other examples are given in the fitgirl episode.    That mindset gives you the confidence and the motivation you need to do what is necessary for you goal.   You can listen to more about how to create and use your Mantra for success in fitgirl episodes Fit 162: Mantra, Reps & Nutrition Truth! and Fit 070 Your Mantra, More Veggies, Easy Exercise.

I have a new collection of Mantra Charms coming soon! You can attach these to your purse, gym bag, bracelet, keys, necklace for a daily remember of your mantra!

Here's a few mantra guidelines to get you started asap:

  1. the repetition of a word or a few words have the capacity to bring about miraculous changes in self-confidence, self-esteem and staying on track with your fitness program! 
  2. It is all based on a simple psychological principle, “as you think, so you become.” 
  3.  Mantras should have a positive meaning.
  4. Repetition Matters! You need to think of your mantra in a concentrated and systematic manner over a period of time in order to get results. Also known as a “ritual” or “habit”. This can be as simple as repeating your mantra (in your head) while you brush your teeth, or writing it on an note and attach it to a mirror. Whatever helps you to repeat the mantra consistently over a period of time (ie 21-days) to form new habits!
  5. You use a mantra (ie self talk phrase) to retrain your brain! You are what you think about! This tool helps tremendously when you are feeling l like you might give up.
  6. What you think, whether true or not, is a driving force in everything you do. In the Fitness Makeover Control workshop dvd, I explain how.
  7. Use an "I am" statement in your mantra. See the “I am Strong and Powerful” mantra on clothing at Fit Girl Gear. You can also use "trigger" phrases. Fitness Makeover Control dvd has more examples and info on how to retrain your brain!


    First, let me remind you of what I have created that may help you with nutrition:
    1. Weight Tracker menu plan
    1. weight loss nutrition coaching

    Your goal is to know your meal plan! Know what and when you are going to eat. Standard daily food intake:
    • Breakfast
    • Snack 
    • Lunch 
    • Snack 
    • Dinner 
    • (maybe extra snack)

     Each time you eat it boosts your metabolism and even more when you have protein. Your main meals should be a combination of protein, carbs,(starchy carbs) veggies (fibrous carbs) and fats. The quantities vary based on your body type, lean muscle, weight and goals. In general anywhere from a 30-40% for protein, 35-50% carbs and 20-30% fats would be your nutrient breakdown.
   I know it can be confusing, that 's why I offer the coaching program for weight loss nutrition. Not only does this help you know your ratios, calories and which foods to choose, you also learn how to maintain your weight and deal with unusual situations like work, parties and other events that can throw your diet off track.    If you have failed with “dieting” previously, it's likely that you underestimated your calorie needs. When your calories are too low, your metabolism slows making it hard to lose any weight, especially fat weight. 

Does that sound familiar?    Your best bet is to keep a log. I know you've heard this before, but it still remains true that when you keep a log you do better with weight-control. It may be tedious at first, but the amount of knowledge you gain about your eating habit, cal intake, nutrient ratios, is crucial to your success in creating a lean, tone body! Keep your log, then when we discuss nutrients in the next podcast, you'll understand better!


I'm not going into huge detail for this section, today. The main point is to  


   Weight training is the key to weight control, not cardio! If you are still struggling with your weight, then hit the weights! Don't be afraid of increasing the resistance! Challenge your muscles at 8-10 reps. Yes, you should be struggling, but with proper form, for the last 2-3 reps. If you think more is better, and go 12 or more reps, you wont impact your metabolism to change!

 We'll go over the best rep schemes for body parts in later episodes, and yes if you have been listening for a long time you may have already learned about some of the best exercises and rep schemes for weight loss, tone and tighten training. Focus on these exercises for maximum metabolism boost:
  • Squats or Lunges
  • Pull-ups or Rows(cable or barbell, machines ok, push it)
  • Chest press-incline, flat or decline, barbell or db
  • Use Supersets to save time, burn more cals, get some cardio and eliminate boredom!

If you workout in a gym, and it gets busy or someone takes the machine you are using for supersets, use a different machine or exercise! Meaning, always have a back up plan so you don't mess up your pace.  

Finally, get weights done 3-4 x a week. Workouts don't take long to do, especially when doing the right exercises, the right way, with a challenging weight and it wont take long to see results either!

  Ways I can help you get your best shape ever this year:
  1. Clubfit-new workouts every other week. Download the log and descriptions, watch the video to check the form for each exercise, then hit the gym, record your weights and see yourself progress! For the “do it yourself-er”
  2. QuickFit Club: Workout at home with me as your video trainer. New workouts each month. A system to create lean muscle that boosts your metabolism while sculpting and toning your body.
  1. Custom programs at

Here's the bottom line: there are many ways to get your workouts done! Pick one and stick to it for at least a month!  The most important part is to prioritize weights!! Feel the need cardio? Use supersets and no rest between exercises or sets (I use this a lot with my clients for great results!). Whatever you do, be consistent!

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Fit 221: Goals, Nutrition, Training for a New Year.

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Fit 221: Goals, Nutrition, Training for a New Year and a Better Body! Fit 221: Goals, Nutrition, Training for a New Year and a Better Body! January 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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